NVS Vector Stream Tool

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  • Manufactured by: NVision Solutions, Inc.

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NVS Vector Stream Tool is a user-friendly ArcCatalog (9.3.x) Toolbox geoprocessing tool which simply assigns a numeric order to segments of a poly line feature class. Unlike the Spatial Analyst Tools for Hydrography, this tool solely uses vector stream data instead of raster stream data accompanied by a flow direction raster. The output of this tool is somewhat dependent on the input feature class: If the input is a coverage the output is treated like a calculation and added to the map with all the fields of the coverage, otherwise input feature class is modified in place. Either way a stream order field defined by the user is added to the output (or overwritten if the field already exists) and the values are updated to show the stream order value of each stream.

NVS Vector Stream Tool installers are available for both ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 and ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1. Please select which version you need from the dropdown above.